Best Photo Personalized Gifts Under $20

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It's gift giving season again! A happy and joyous time ... but not if we are broke after. Here are 5 personalized gifts that won't give you a shock when your credit card bill arrives in January. 

1) UK Phone Booth Phone Case, $19.95 on sale from $25

(Available for iPhone and Samsung)

Turn your phone into the iconic British phone booth guarded by your loved one in full Queen's Guard uniform. Surely better security than any fingerprint or face ID can offer! These are available @HappyFaceDesign who does the photoshop heavy lifting for you then prints in the USA. Simply submit your close-up pic and let us do the rest. 

The case itself is robust and non-slip with a great feel and fit for the buttons. The case supports wireless charging too. Tea and crumpets not included.  

2) Space Superhero Phone Case, $19.95 on sale from $25

Available for iPhone and Samsung 

Our most popular phone case! Your phone is your gateway to the world so why not dress it up as such. Don't let your kid have all the fun, there are designs for him, her, and pet! Check @HappyFaceDesign for the full slate of designs. 

3) Race Car T-shirt, $15.95 on sale from $25

This t-shirt has everything we want in a gift: cute, comfy, and comical. "Sometimes I don't feel like flying" is what every supermom, superdad, and even our little superheroes are allowed to think from time to time. The tee comes in 5 different colors and is made of 100% ring-spun cotton. Available at your one-stop design shop, @HappyFaceDesignSimply submit your close-up pic and let us do the rest.


4) I'm Feeling Lucky T-shirt, $15.95 on sale from $25

This may become the luckiest t-shirt you own! We all have that person in our life who is our lucky charm. Why not have some fun and wear those lucky charms with pride! If you are headed to Vegas any time soon this one is a must have!

The tee comes in 2 different colors and is made of 100% ring-spun cotton. Available at your one-stop design shop, @HappyFaceDesign. Simply submit your close-up pic and let us do the rest.

5) Sports Themed Mug, $19.95 on sale from $25 

Make your favorite hot beverage even better with these photo personalized mugs from @HappyFaceDesign. Customize text on the reverse side of the mug to highlight the occasion (such as #1 Mom, #1 Dad, Merry Christmas 2019, or anything you can think of). Lots of sports and mug styles available on the website including football, basketball, and even monster truck!. 


Seeing as this is Christmas time and all, we had to add the most amazing Christmas pillow even though it isn't under $20. It's super fun and we've had such great feedback on this keepsake item.

6) Family Christmas Concert Pillow, from $34.95

Get the whole family into the Christmas spirit with this most Christmassy of Christmas pillows! We can accommodate for families of 3, 4, or even 5 people. So grab an instrument and submit your pics to start your family Christmas concert tradition. Best of all, no formal musical training is required! 

There we have it. A great starting point for lots of photo personalized presents to ponder. There are many other options at Happy Face and we are eager to help you get that unique, special gift started.  

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