5 Great Ways to Decorate a Kid's Room on a Budget

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I have the highest admiration for new parents-to-be who are able to decorate their kid's nursery on top of all the other hectic planning and major life changes that occur with the pending arrival of a new baby. We were not those super organized parents and had to wait several months before there was breathing room to give decorating a thought.

There was one benefit of being forced to wait those months to decorate as we were able to see the personality of our little one emerge. Perhaps it is the 300th time you sing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" to your kid's delight or see their happy faces the second time swimming (the 1st is never okay) or visiting the zoo that gives you an idea for a theme and a way to decorate their room. Below are 5 inexpensive ways to give your son or daughter's room some charm and personality.

1) A Personalized Pillow

Kids love to see pictures of themselves. It helps to promote self recognition and understanding of their surroundings. In this way, a personalized cushion with their face or their family members' faces on it is a great idea.

For our daughter, we naturally went for an animal theme as she is enamored with animal songs and is surrounded by new stuffed animals offered by doting grandparents. She got a real kick seeing her face visiting the animals on safari. This pillow theme as well as many more designs, such as farm and underwater shark themes are available at www.HappyFaceDesign.com for $29.95, including free photo editing and free shipping to USA and Canada on orders over $45.

2) Chalkboard / Magnetic Wall

This is a great way to keep kids learning with writing and playing with magnetic numbers and letters. We put a magnetic wall in the basement and it took me about 20 coats of paint just for the magnet to stick. I didn't have the heart to duplicate the effort in the child's room but it can be super fun. Just make sure to keep the room well ventilated from the paint smell.

Chalkboard and magnetic wall paint is available inexpensively from Amazon or Walmart.

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3) A Personalized Stool

Kids love to sit in chairs proportioned just for them. Personalizing a stool with their name with, say, a sports theme seems like a great way to decorate a room. Learning to spell your name and improving motor skills with puzzle pieces is a good combination. The guys at Personal Creations seem to do it right. $69.99 USD.

 Personal Creations

4) Stickers on the Ceiling

These stickers were big in the 80s and they never went out of style. So simple and effective at capturing your kid's imagination with the soft glow-in-the-dark light. What better way than to stare up at the starry sky before falling asleep. 

Available on Amazon for under $10 USD

5) DIY Project to Paint an Accent Wall

We already pour tears, blood, and sweat into raising a kid so why not do the same to decorate their room. No one knows your kid better than you do so put a paint brush to the wall and let those creative juices come out! If you are so inclined, you can use a combination of stencils and paint to create a mural your child will admire for years to come.

No matter how you decide to decorate your kid's room, he or she will appreciate the added personality to their room. The added benefit is that your child may give you an extra 5 minutes sleep in the morning while they are admiring it all. Good luck!

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